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Gel Feel Posture Cushion

Super Thick Gel Feel Seat Cushion. Great For Modern Harder Car Seats. Prevent The Pain And Stiffness In Your Legs And Back When Sitting In The Car Home And Office. 

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What is this Cushion For?

It makes any hard seat softer, reducing numbness in the backside when sitting for long periods and can also help reduce the symptoms of sciatica and lower back pain. This seat cushion makes any uncomfortable seat more pleasant and softer to sit in. The unique gel layer on foam system moulds to the shape of your bottom and does not distort over time.

The Breathable AirTech cover is removable and washable. The cushions anti slip base ensures that your cushion won’t slip, even on very smooth surfaces. Ideal for the car, office or at home.


6cm thick, 40cm in length and 45cm at its widest point.